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Pearl & Fawn

Hi, and welcome to Pearl & Fawn! We are Daniel and Melana Sellars; A husband and wife team who are excited to take the next step in our business. We have been creating/designing kids clothing for over 3 years but have re-branded and are excited to finally be able to share all of our goodies with you! Our two young girls Finley and Peyton are usually on our laps or trying to "help" as we print and package up each of your orders. This isn't a big store with tons of stock. Our quantities are limited. We store it all in our house. We print each item on our Direct to Garment printer in our spare bedroom. It is a bit chaotic but we are passionate about what we do and we are having a blast doing it. Each item in our store starts off as a sketch. The apparel is all designed by Melana down to the tiniest detail. All designs begin with a hand drawing before turning into what you see printed! New designs and combos will occur regularly!

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