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Momper Romper

As a busy mom juggling work, motherhood, home life, and her second pregnancy, Kelly was looking for a one-piece that would replace uncomfortable, unflattering, and expensive maternity clothing.  A cute, minimalist alternative to leggings and dresses was her goal. With the skills she honed from her career in the fashion industry, heavy research, and a few minor tweaks to several silhouettes, the comfy and versatile Momper Romper was born! After a successful launch, Kelly discovered the Momper Romper isn't just a great look for the busy mom or mother-to-be, it's a style for all who love comfort!   The Brand  What’s better than your average romper? A romper that’s extra roomy! The Momper Romper is the perfect addition to your maternity wardrobe and beyond. With its lack of waistline and low armholes, it’s an essential for growing bellies and easy nursing. Not only is the Momper Romer super comfy, but it’s simple to dress up or down. Pair it with your favorite jean jacket or cardigan, block heels or sneakers, no matter your personal style–you really can’t go wrong. And if your little one is all grown up? We’ve got the Mini Momper so you and your babe can romp it up together!    Meet the Owner Hi, I’m Kelly! Wife and mom to two beautiful children and beloved chihuahua named Santana. Originally a native of San Diego, by way of LA, my family and I now live in Las Vegas. Before I started Momper Romper, I spent my work life entrenched in the fashion industry. Over the years, I’ve gained experience in many different areas, including fashion boutique owner, wardrobe consultant and personal shopper, and I currently work full-time in e-commerce merchandising. When I’m not running the daily mom marathon, I love wandering farmer’s markets, scavenging vintage or second-hand shops, and of course, taking my therapeutic, almost daily, trips to Target. On the off chance you drop by my humble abode unannounced, you’ll most likely catch me romping around after the kids wearing mismatched socks, drinking my favorite mom juice (pinot noir) and snacking on cheese popcorn or cheese and crackers. Cheese is everything!! 

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