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Splash Swim Goggles

My name is Ashley, I first came up with Splash Swim Goggles as we were getting ready for a family vacation. My son's swim goggles were broken again! It seemed like the rubber straps were always breaking. My daughter never wanted to wear her goggles because they always pulled her hair. I knew I had to do something. That’s when I designed the first pair of Splash Swim Goggles!  My kids were so excited to use them! My daughter didn't need help adjusting them anymore and they didn't pull her hair like her old ones!  My mom, Karen, noticed how well the goggles worked and how much fun the kids were having. She watched all the other kids at the pool constantly needing help with their goggles. We knew we needed to make them available to everyone! Splash Swim Goggles officially launched in May of 2017!  We're sure your customers will love Splash Swim Goggles as much as we do!

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